How to Keep Your Shoes as Smart as Your Suit

In the world of men’s fashion, few things are more stylish than a well-tailored suit. With both classic and contemporary styles on offer, it’s never been easier to dress like a gent. However, true gentlemen know that the suit is only the beginning. To really make a good impression, a chap must also have impeccable shoes. A man’s shoes should be good quality, appropriately coordinated and most importantly, well maintained. Nothing ruins an outfit more than shabby footwear.

So how can you ensure that your shoes remain as sharp as your suit?

Firstly, be sure to get them polished regularly, with a hue that matches the tone of the leather. If you fancy going DIY, make sure you end by removing any excess polish and buffing with a soft cloth, to get the best shine. As well as polishing, don’t forget to condition leather shoes. Your footwear faces changing temperatures, weather and terrains every day and just like skin, neglected leather will quickly become dry. Proper conditioning will ensure your shoes stay soft and supple throughout the year.

When you remove your shoes at the end of the day, use shoetrees to store them overnight. Quality footwear is an investment and the more expensive your shoes, the more important it is that you look after them when they’re not in use. Shoetrees are available in a variety of shapes and will help your shoes retain their shape and last longer. Also, take care when putting on and removing your footwear; always take your time and if possible, invest in a shoehorn, to avoid crumpling the backs as you slip them on.

Even the best shoes suffer wear and tear over time. However, a gent never lets his shoes become scruffy. Often, the heels are the first part to wear down, so keep an eye on this area. Try to get into the habit of stepping evenly as this will not only save your shoes, it will also help your posture. If the heels do begin to wear down, visit a cobbler at your earliest opportunity. Ideally, use the same trusted professional for all your shoes. A good cobbler will fit a new heel or sole that blends seamlessly with the original.