Timeless Style for the Sliver Fox

The world of premium men’s fashion is a fast-moving one. New trends regularly appear on the catwalks and bespoke men’s tailoring means that new styles are being created all the time. Sometimes the ever-changing world of fashion can feel like a young man’s game. Fortunately, men’s fashion also favours the classic look. Certain pieces are timeless - they never go out of style and they look great at any age. Here are some words of wisdom on stylish dressing for the older gentleman…

For a chic, sophisticated look, gents over the age of 50 should opt for classic cut suits. Short-term trends will come and go, so let the youngsters experiment. After all, you have the benefit of experience on your side. If in doubt, the Westminster cut is a great choice. The Westminster has a traditional silhouette, which looks great on every build, and a comfortable fit. For the perfect fit, a bit of bespoke men’s tailoring is necessary. With classic cut suits, both the trousers and jacket tend to have a rather distinguished look, which works especially well on the older gentleman. Pair this with a crisp, white shirt and a bold coloured tie and you’re ready to go.

After the cut, it’s time to consider your suit colour. All gents will appreciate the three staple suit colours of a man’s wardrobe: black, charcoal grey and navy blue. If you’re a gentleman of advanced years, you might catch yourself moving towards the darker, less adventurous end of the spectrum. Whilst black and grey will always look smart, don’t leave colour to the 20 year olds. Have fun embracing different shades. Blue is a particularly great choice, as it complements all skin tones and looks great against grey or white hair. If you decide to invest in a bespoke suit, you should be able to select the perfect colour for you.

If you do decide to go for a more traditional suit in black or charcoal, consider brightening it up with a colourful accessory. Today, premium men’s fashion features a wealth of accessorising possibilities for you to choose from. A vibrant blue tie looks great in the office, whilst a patterned pocket square will add character to a wedding suit. Whatever the occasion, mixing classic style with a little bit of colour will keep you looking stylish for years to come.