Get Your Suit Choices Right This Spring

With the feeling that spring has finally sprung, it is time to think about the style choices that need to be in your wardrobe as we approach the summer season.


A key contemporary choice that should make up a large part of the well dressed man's wardrobe is the slim fit, single breasted, two button suit with a notch lapel. It is an effortlessly modern style that is a staple of British men's fashion and one that all of us should own. 

Get one made from wool and it also becomes an extremely versatile suit choice, as the natural temperature regulating properties of the material help to keep you warm on chilly spring afternoons while also keeping you cool on those balmier summer days. If the summer does prove to be a very warm one, it is also worth considering 100% cotton or maybe a cotton-linen blend for the best in breathability and lightness.

When it comes to selecting your colour, you need to take into account what purpose you are buying the suit for. Is it for work, leisure or a little of both? If it is for work, charcoal, grey and navy are the colours to go for. They are classic colour choices that are perfect for any professional environment.

If you are looking for something more on the casual side of things, you will need a seasonally appropriate colour. This spring and summer, those colours are a casual beige or a bolder shade of blue - helping to create a style that will work well at everything from evenings out to a summer wedding.

Casual Wear:

From Tom Ford to Gucci, every menswear designer is focusing on denim in 2015. Whether your look is casual or more refined, a pair of quality, raw denim jeans is so versatile. We recommend specialist labels such as Levi's or APC to ensure they last several seasons. Pair with a bespoke shirt and a pair of quality shoes for a relaxed appropriate to spring style.  

Spring is also famous for its variable weather. With the stripe taking pride of place in the collections of Emporia Armani, we'd recommend investing in a striped casual bespoke blazer. However, its worth note that different stripes will have variable effects depending upon your shape and size. Horizontal stripes with make your look wider by breaking up your silhouette, whereas vertical stripes will add height. 

Pair both your suits and casual choices with high quality tailored shirts and you will have a range of options that mean you are prepared for any occasion. There is always plenty to be seen, done and enjoyed in the spring and summer months in the UK; now is the time to make sure your wardrobe won't let you down.