Suits & Whisky: 4 Tips for Enjoying Whisky in Style

They say you can tell much about a man by the contents of his wardrobe, but what of the contents of his glass? What about both? In our humble opinion, there is no better pairing than suits and the finest whisky. Join us for a tasting evening on the 10th of April to launch Fashion City York 2015.

The first step is to ensure you are dressed properly for the occasion. In the same way you would choose a classic English suit, you should choose your glassware with the same care and attention. Choose a glass which suits your tasting preference - a nosing glass will focus the flavors of the whisky, whereas a wider tumbler glass, paired with ice will be more refreshing.

Second, understand the label. Single means it has been distilled at a single malt distillery and the minimum age will be highlighted on the bottle. Don’t focus on the age too much - different whisky have distinct personalities, and just like us, will mature at different rates.

Third, taste. Enjoying whisky is a 3-part performance - nose, palate and finish. Focus on the aroma, savor the taste throughout the whole mouth and let the taste rest of your palate. If a whisky is too strong, add a small amount of water to unlock the aroma.

Finally, mixers. Only ice or a few drops of water are acceptable for the finest whisky. Adding ice will make the whisky more refreshing and unlock the flavors and aromas in a more subtle way. Drinking your whisky neat will make the flavors more intense. 

Inspired? Click here to join us for ‘An Evening with Mullen & Mullen and Demijohn’. On the 10th of April the bespoke tailors at Mullen & Mullen will join with Demijohn (the award winning liquid deli) in a unique partnership to celebrate the quality and elegance of modern British tailoring by inviting you to experience tastings of a range of whisky, gins, liqueurs and more.