How to Look Amazing in a Velvet Blazer

A velvet suit jacket or blazer makes a fine edition to any wardrobe. These garments possess a timeless sophistication that any fashion-conscious gentleman should cherish. Sadly, wearing them well can be something of a challenge. As with any item in the world of men’s fashion, you have to know how to wear them correctly if you want to look truly dazzling.

First and foremost, you must appreciate that velvet blazers are traditionally considered evening wear. If you are particularly daring, you may be able to get away with donning one during daylight hours, but this is so ingrained in us as a fashion faux pas that you have to exude confidence to really pull it off. If you’re in doubt, it’s better to save velvet jackets for evenings and nights out when you really hope to make a statement.

But what should you wear with a velvet blazer? Regardless of what time of day it is, it’s never advisable to pair them trousers of the same material. Such a large quantity of velvet in one outfit is likely to be visually overwhelming, which can scupper the effect of the blazer completely. Instead, opt for trousers in a more subdued material, but choose a similar colour to the blazer. The similar colour will serve to unify your outfit and transform it from a collection of different garments into a single look. Meanwhile, the shirt you select should be simple, crisp and (ideally) white. A velvet blazer makes a very strong statement, particularly when paired with trousers of the same colour, so you need to avoid overly loud shirts to keep the outfit balanced.

You should also choose your tie with care when sporting a velvet blazer. Dark ties tend to work best, as they complement the blazer without distracting from it. You may even wish to consider a bow tie. Bow ties can appear slightly old-fashioned with more modern materials, but they perfectly suit a velvet blazer.

Finally, consider adding a personal touch to the ensemble. Simply adding a pair of personalised cuff links or a colourful pocket square works well. Alternatively, bespoke tailoring offers a good opportunity to have personal flourishes built into the blazer and ensures it fits you perfectly.

A velvet blazer has to be worn with care, but if you follow our advice, you’ll have no trouble looking your best in one.