Best Suits for the Summer

I am often asked what are the best suits for the warmer summer months, that we are heading towards.

Of course, with the advent of air conditioned offices and trains, one can get away with a medium weight suit (10-12oz) during the warmer seasons. That said, it is much more comfortable to be wearing a lighter cloth, which allows your body to breathe through the fabric, therefore cooling you down, as opposed to retaining the heat.

The Holland & Sherry High Twist bunch is one of my absolute favourites. At 9 oz, it is a true lightweight and it is constructed with an open weave, allowing the maximum amount of air to circulate through the cloth. This bunch manages to strike a great balance between comfort and durability, as it wears extremely well, I have one that is coming up to its 5th summer and is still in great shape.

Another alternative is to plump for a cloth woven with mohair. Again this creates a light and open weave which is perfect for travelling in warm, muggy climes. In fact most the world's mohair production is here in Yorkshire, but 90% of the cloth is exported to Asia, where the mohair fabric has long been recognised as an ideal cloth for the humid weather there.

I also have a 7 1/2 oz cloth which is a wonderful thing to wear, clearly less robust than the other cloths mentioned, but if you a spending a lot of time in weather of over 30degrees this super lightweight is well worth the investment. 

Finally- the linen suit. Every man should have one, it's a simple as that. Versatile, as the jacket can be worn separately, the classic linen suit is a staple in every wardrobe. If you find the inevitable creasing associated with linen off putting, then why not try a linen/mohair mixture. The mohair adds a little more structure to the cloth, whilst still affording the light and breathable finish.