How to Wear a Black Suit

The black suit is a seemingly immortal staple of men’s fashion. It’s sharp, cool and gloriously stylish... provided you know how to wear it. A black suit can make a powerful statement, but they’re deceptively hard to carry off. But don’t panic: we’re here to make sure you get it right.

The first thing to think about is the fit. Getting the fit right is important with any suit, of course, but with black suits it has to be perfect. There’s simply no margin for error. The visual appeal of the black suit lies in its subtlety, precision, sharpness and lack of showiness. If the fit isn’t precisely correct, it undermines the entire look. Bespoke tailoring is the perfect way to make sure your suit is fitted not just adequately but impeccably.

Secondly, you must keep your accessories plain and subtle. Avoid bright colours and elaborate patterns. Where black suits are concerned, the watchword is ‘restraint’. Anything too colourful or brash will look garish in comparison to the suit itself, thereby cheapening and undermining you appearance. Instead, opt for simple accessories such as black ties and plain white pocket-squares.

While it’s important to avoid bright colours, an equally vital pointer for wearing a black suit is not to overdo the amount of black in the rest of your outfit. Include a few whites and greys in the ensemble alongside the black of the suit. Black may look sharp, but too much black simply looks dour or (even worse) morbid.

Lastly, shine your shoes. This may seem like rather an odd tip, but trust us: it will complete the look. A black suit is a garment for sharp, polished people. Anything you can do to supplement your appearance as a sharp and polished person will therefore improve the look of your suit.

It takes panache and an indefinable quality of ‘coolness’ to wear a black suit. They are for gentlemen with unflappable temperaments and impeccable tastes. If you consider yourself to be such an individual, then don a black suit, follow our tips and announce your suavity to the world!