One Button or Two?

Men’s fashion can be deceptively subtle, particularly when it comes to suits. Something as simple as the number of buttons a suit has can entirely alter the persona it helps its wearer project. Understanding how the number of buttons can define a suit’s style is vital if you plan on taking advantage of bespoke tailoring to create your outfit.

Two-button suits are the current standard. In large part, this is because they flatter almost all body-types by making the wearer’s frame appear longer. Two-button suits are also incredibly versatile and are considered an acceptable form of dress in any setting, whether you’re putting in a day’s work at the office or hitting the town for an evening out.

In contrast, one-button suits are rakish, rebellious and only suitable for certain settings. As a comparatively recent development in men’s fashion, one-button suits have a showy, fashion-forward lustre to them. However, the more casual, unruly style does make a one-button suit the perfect thing for making a splash in more decorous settings, such as night-clubs and parties.

However, if you’re looking to make a statement without actually causing a riot, you might consider a three-button model. Three-button suits are best-suited to taller gentlemen, as the buttons reach higher up the chest, making them both more comfortable and more aesthetically appealing on anyone over six foot. However, anyone can wear them and they are as versatile as their two-button equivalents. What makes them stand out is their association with the ‘mod’ fashions of the 1960s: a good three-button suit can perfectly evoke that particular era in the history of fashion and lend your outfit a pleasingly ‘retro’ look.

When having a bespoke outfit made, it’s important to consider what context you’ll be wearing it in and what you want it to say about you. Do you require the universal versatility of a two-button suit, the subtle statement of a three-button or the deliciously riotous nouveau suavity of a one-button? Remember: one button less or one button more can completely change the style of a suit, so choose well!