The Advantages of a Double-Breasted Suit

Men’s double-breasted suits are not as common as they once were. Sadly, the double-breasted style just isn’t very readily available nowadays... at least, not off the peg. One of the many advantages of bespoke men’s tailoring is the opportunity to have this classic garment styled to suit you. But what makes this style of suit so special? Just what are the advantages of the double-breasted look?

Two of the best things about double-breasted suits stem from the shape of the suit. The shape of a double-breasted jacket tends to increase the size and bulk of the wearer’s profile, making them appear more powerful and manly. While this look may not be for everyone, a fashion-conscious gentleman who wishes to project an air of classical masculinity will benefit greatly from a double-breasted suit. Secondly, a well-tailored suit of this style will accentuate the shoulders while bringing in the waistline. The overlapping lapels of the suit can even help disguise a profile where the waist is wider than the shoulders. In other words, a double-breasted suit doesn’t just make you look more masculine, it can also help you look trimmer. Note that this effect is best achieved through bespoke tailoring, so it's best to have the suit created from scratch, as opposed to adjusting an existing suit.

However, such technical details are hardly the only reason to favour this style. The timeless sophistication of these garments makes a double-breasted suit the perfect starting point when you want to dress to impress. They practically demand to be worn with smart ties, elaborate pocket squares and even shirts with cuff-links. With a more conventional, single-breasted suit, you might risk appearing overdressed if you added too many stylistic flourishes. A double-breasted suit, however, is a commanding, powerful outfit that always looks classy when complemented by additional touches of sophistication.

The double-breasted suit isn’t for everyone. There’s no way to wear it casually and some fashion-lovers may find it a tad overwhelming. However, this suave garment is perfect for anyone looking for a suit that can lend the wearer an impressive, imposing presence without ever appearing brash. The double-breasted suit demands attention while whispering of good taste and refinement. If you want a suit that says “I am a man of quality”, it is undoubtedly the style for you.