Grey Matter: Why Menswear Is a Grey Area This Season

One of the biggest menswear trends for autumn / winter 2015 is the colour grey, as seen on catwalk models everywhere, adorning suits, jackets, trousers, coats and knitwear.

Grey never goes away, but this time round it’s neither a supporting colour nor a safe, anonymous choice for the office - it’s now the main fashion event. This season, grey refuses to fade into the background, and insists on standing proud and confident, taking its role centre-stage. The great news is that it can work for men of all ages. So how can you make grey work for you and your wardrobe?

To start with, don’t be tempted to liven it up with a brighter colour. Going with shades of grey all-grey head-to-toe, with grey shirt, suit and accessories, is a statement and will draw attention not to any splash of a brighter hue, but to the tailoring itself. It’s chic, understated and sophisticated. A bespoke grey suit paired with a grey shirt or waistcoat looks crisp and cool; it's a timeless, yet effortlessly modern look.

Grey-on-grey works best when it incorporates different textures and shades. This season, it’s less about shine and more about matte, so think flannel, tweed and cotton, and don’t be afraid to pair up two or more different greys together for an elegant, fashionable and easy-to-wear look.

At its heart, this look is all about phenomenal tailoring. Although knitwear and more relaxed pieces were in evidence in grey on the catwalks, grey is at its best when it’s spun into a bespoke suit. Take inspiration from Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and JFK – all devotees of the grey suit. Is there any look more stylish than a beautifully made grey suit worn with a pair of sunglasses on a spring day?

So, this season, think lighter shades of rain cloud – and pair them with anything from slate to charcoal to jet. With a bespoke made to measure suit from Yorkshire tailors Mullen and Mullen, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you picking out your own silver lining.