Quiz: Is Bespoke Tailoring Right for You?

Does this sound familiar? You sit down, your suit is too tight. Or, it seems to drown you. You trek to the shopping centre, or browse the web, hoping to find a perfect fit. You didn't come prepackaged to a size and nor should your clothes. A fitting takes no more than 1/2 an hour, takes into account your fit preferences and will save you hours.

Or how about this? You search for the perfect fit. You find it...in the wrong colour. Choose from 1000's of different cloths and colours. Nothing seems to last You travel, work and live in your suit - after a few months, its starting to lose its shape, quality and the fabric feels off. By the end of the day its a creased mess. Off-the-shelf garments will do this, due to lower quality fibres selected by the manufacturer. Choose a hard wearing wool, made in England, starting from £649.

Try our interactive Suit Fit Quiz, below, to find out more.