What to Consider When Buying Your First Tailored Suit

Looking to make that move from off-the-peg to tailored formal wear this year? Not really sure where to start in the world of tailoring? Then let Mullen and Mullen guide you through the most important things to consider when choosing the details of your tailored suit.

First of all, you need to consider your silhouette. If you are wearing a great suit, it will be obvious from a good distance away, as the combination of slim trousers and a narrow jacket that fits across the shoulders will be clear to see. If your suit does not flatter your frame in such a way that this silhouette is created, it is doing you a disservice. A tailor-made item will make the most of your features to create this smart and slimming overall look.

One area that off-the-peg suit jackets fall down in comparison to their tailored counterparts is that the majority do not taper at the waist. Ideally, you want your suit jacket to follow the contours of your body to create a slight ‘V’ shape from shoulders to waist, to help accentuate your frame.

You should also pay close attention to the fit of your sleeves. Almost everyone who has ever bought an off-the-peg suit has been put off by sleeves feeling slightly too long or short, but the circumference of the sleeve is just as important. A tailored alteration to narrow the sleeves to better fit your arms will help you cut a sharper figure - again, helping that silhouette.

Make sure that you also select the shoes you will be pairing with the suit at the same time, as they are an essential element in getting your trouser lengths absolutely spot on. You want to avoid the hems of your trousers bunching slightly on the tops of your shoes to ensure a smart look and to also make the most of your height.

Want to create your beautiful new tailored look for 2015? Then get in touch with your premier Yorkshire tailors Mullen and Mullen today; let us help you put together the quality suit that will give you the look you are craving and get you noticed.