Top Tips for Great Spring Footwear

Dressing for spring is always tricky, especially in the UK - renowned for unpredictable weather, the day can begin bright and sunny, but descend into rain and plummeting temperatures by lunchtime. The secret to successful dressing is usually layers, but with footwear, it’s not so easy. Today, we’ve got four great tips to help you look fantastic while keeping your feet dry this spring.

1. Colour

The best thing about spring is that colour suddenly seems to be everywhere; it’s finally time to shrug off the dull greys and browns of winter, and start injecting some brighter tones into your wardrobe – footwear is the perfect place to start. Colour for spring/summer 2015 is predicted to be loud and proud – think acid tangerine and petrol blue – so try teaming your bespoke office suit with a pair of vivid Oxfords or brogues to bring your formal wear up to date.

2. Fabric

While a typical spring day can embrace all four seasons at once, footwear doesn’t need to be quite as robust as it does during the winter. Both casual and formal shoes need to be shower-proof rather than fit for wearing in a blizzard, so you can look for lighter fabrics, such as suede, light leather and even canvas. Any shoe with a hole-punched pattern is ideal for late spring, once the weather warms up a little; the holes act as extra ventilation for those muggy days in the office.

3. Protection

Although the weather tends to be better during the spring, it’s almost impossible to escape getting caught in those irritating rain showers that tend to strike when you least expect it. Avoid soggy feet by using a good quality fabric protector on your shoes; available for a variety of materials, they not only keep your feet dry, but also stop the fabric of the shoe becoming stained, tarnished and unsightly.

4. Style

If you’re stuck for style inspiration this spring, and can’t decide what to wear with your bespoke tailoring in the office, there are several great options for the new season. Ditch the heavy-soled boots, and instead opt for classic brogues in bright shades (or for the less brave amongst you, neutrals such as icey-grey or timeless beige). Tasselled loafers are set to be popular yet again this year, making them the ideal choice for anyone who works in a slightly less formal environment.