When and How to Wear a Waistcoat

You’ve got a special occasion coming up, and you want to dress to impress. It’s the kind of event that requires formal attire, and you’ve decided to invest in bespoke tailoring. The question is, do you just go with a suit comprising of just a jacket and trousers, or opt for a three piece suit with a waistcoat?

The waistcoat is having somewhat of a revival, with more men ditching casual to go with a smarter approach to men’s fashion. It’s an additional layer that can bring a whole new dimension to your look. With celebrities like Mumford and Sons, TV presenters and even BBC weathermen going for it, it’s definitely worth considering. For a wedding or other formal occasion, it’s a smart look that’s bang on trend in men’s fashion for 2015.

Traditionally a waistcoat was worn to hide a man’s breeches. It also serves to keep any excess material from your shirt in check, so everything is carefully hidden away, except for the impactful triangle of your shirt and your tie or bow-tie. Simplicity is key. If you want to accessorise, stick to a simple, tasteful pocket triangle.

Getting a bespoke tailored three piece suit means your wardrobe is more versatile, as you can still go for a more casual look without it, but you have the option of including it for a more formal look, depending on the occasion. It’s always best to choose bespoke tailoring and get your waistcoat made with the suit so the material is perfectly matched, and fitted properly by your tailor.

It’s vital that your waistcoat fits properly with appropriate length and is snug around the shoulders without any pulling at the buttons. You don’t want any excess fabric – the whole point of a waistcoat is to make you look more streamlined with clean lines and a neat silhouette, not adding bulk with excess, ill-fitting material.

When wearing a waistcoat, always button it up to maintain the classy, well-dressed look you’re going for, but leave the bottom button undone so you can move your arms without the whole thing rising up.