How To: Wear Layers like a Pro

Winter in the UK is a curious beast, and one that cannot be relied upon when it comes to deciding how to dress. Yes, a good overcoat is a winter essential, but there are times when it is simply too mild out there to wear it without getting a little hot under the collar. When these instances come along, what do you do to dress for the elements and still retain your own individual style?

The answer is layers; not any old layers of course, but a carefully selected series of shirts, jumpers and jackets that tick all the boxes for style and comfort on those days and nights when the British winter is not quite showing its teeth.

The first item you will need is a well-made, tailored jacket or blazer as your top layer. Ideal either by itself or with a scarf to cover your neckline if the wind is blowing, a stylish jacket is an essential item for your wardrobe.

Next you need beautiful shirts that take into account body shape to ensure the best cut to fit you. Do take time to give careful consideration on whether to go for striped or plain options here. Vertical stripes can add the illusion of a little extra height to your frame, so if you could use an extra inch or two these could be something worth considering.

The final piece of the puzzle is your knitwear. Lambswool or cashmere items like our elegant V-necks are ideal against a brisk breeze, offering you the style and warmth to make the layered approach the perfect solution as we head toward spring.

One major added bonus of this mode of dress of course is that all of the items in your outfit can be worn in isolation at other times in the year as and when the temperature dictates, proving that great style can still be flexible. Whether it be jacket and shirt for those summer barbecues or knitwear for spring social evenings, items like these will serve you well year-round.

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