How to Stand out at a Wedding

Upon receiving an invitation to a wedding, your mind naturally drifts towards what you are going to wear on the big day. Whilst there is nothing wrong with tradition, you don't want to go down the all black route because everybody does that and you don't want to be just anybody, you want to be the guy in that unforgettable suit that everybody remembers for years to come. To achieve that, you need to head down to one of the many fine bespoke tailors in this country.

Whilst men's fashion has remained virtually unchanged for over a century, a good premium tailor can create you a suit that is fresh, memorable and one of a kind, and often at very good prices. A bespoke wedding suit is something every gentleman will need at some point in his life and if a wedding isn't the occasion to go wild on clothing, what is?

In selecting your bespoke suit, that will hopefully have you overshadowing even the bride, you need to focus on colour, material and fit. Don't go for anything too bright, you're going to a wedding not a circus; settle for something in the middle, like a light grey, pinstripe piece. Material is especially important if a lot of the day is going to take place outdoors, and in that case, you're going to want something that reacts well to getting wet. The expert tailor in the shop will guide you through the differences between cashmere and cotton and make sure you have the right material for the right occasion. Getting the correct fit is the most important component of getting a suit. If you are a larger gentleman, you would likely go with a looser fit for comfort, and if you happen to be on the slim side, then there are no shortage of formidable slim-fit suits.

The suit becomes part of the man, so never wear anything your feel uncomfortable in; after all, he who is most comfortable will stand out - in a good way. Follow the above rules for your bespoke suit and you're sure to be the best dressed man at any wedding.