How to Wear: Men's Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

Whether you've mastered a waistcoat or learned how to wear suits with trainers, 2014 was certainly a year for mastering men's fashion trends both new and re-imagined. However, now we're into a new year, it's time to look at some of the key trends to get to grips with this spring/summer.

Statement stripes

Stripes are a main staple for many a casual and formal wardrobe, and they're set to be big in early 2015. Opt for striped tailoring, shirts or trousers that make a statement, or if you're going for a more casual look, try striped knitwear.

TIP: The key to mastering stripes is to learn which work best for your body type; for instance, horizontal stripes can make you appear wider, whereas vertical stripes can appear to add height to your frame.

Mix it up with green and blue

Green and blue is another key trend of spring/summer 2015, and the trick to getting away with this one is to limit the number of colours you add into the mix. For instance, this trend won't work well with dark neutral colours such as black or brown, so keep it light by going for white, grey or beige to tie your look together.

Favor florals

After slowly gaining again in popularity, florals are definitely back this year. Try picking one focal piece for this trend, such as a floral shirt teamed with a casual suit, jeans or chinos. For the more adventurous, go for floral trousers teamed with loafers and a plain shirt. For holiday wear, florals shorts or t-shirts can give a laid-back, breezy look.

Make a statement with red

Let's face it, red's not for everyone, and depending on your skin type you may decide to go for slightly darker hues rather than the brightest, boldest red. However, whether you choose burgundy or crimson, red is being hailed as the definitive colour for 2015 men's fashion, which is certainly not to be ignored. Why not opt for a statement piece such as a red crew neck shirt, or red chinos, paired with more neutral colours. Or, you could go all out with this trend by choosing a deep red suit for an evening where you can't help but be noticed.

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