Keeping Your Clothes at Their Absolute Best

So you have chosen the perfect suit, your shoes enable you to stride out in the utmost style, and the hues of your shirt and tie could not be a better match. How do you ensure that you make the most of these great raw materials and keep them looking their best? Here are our top tips for keeping your best clothes in tip top condition:

One of the best investments that you can make is a clothes brush. Buy one at the same time that you purchase your next suit if you do not already have one. Brushing your clothes gently but firmly before and after each time that you wear them will look after them better than a dry cleaner can.

Of course, you may still need to visit a dry cleaner on the odd occasion (spilled red wine is a killer for light coloured suits!). But, really, you should be striving to take the care of your suit, jackets, and trousers into your own hands as far as possible - not only will this ensure you look the part at all times, you'll also save on the dry cleaning bills.

Another important thing for keeping your shirts, trousers, and jackets looking great is to invest in a good quality set of clothes hangers - and use them. Never throw your clothes on the floor after taking them off, and do not drape them on the back of a chair.

Have some smooth wooden hangers ready to hand for all items of clothing. That way they will keep their shape for many years to come. Never use wire hangers as these tend to deform the shoulders of jackets and wear faded creases into folded trousers.

Following this principle should ensure that you get the best possible life span out of your clothing. It is inevitable, though, that some items may after some years become a little worn, especially if you wear them day in and day out. What do you do in these circumstances? There is just one golden rule that you need to follow. Never replace like for like - a pair of brown cord trousers for trousers of the same ilk, for instance - but seek something better. Upgrade.