How to Wear and Care for Your Trousers

Trousers are the lynch pin of a successful outfit, especially when it comes to formal attire. Very often, the careful styling of a pair of trousers is evident precisely because there is nothing obtrusive about these garments. However, trousers that are too baggy, or all bunched up at the top because they are being held up precariously by an ill-chosen snakeskin belt are all too noticeable.

Here are some essential tips for choosing, wearing, and caring for the perfect pair of trousers.

Firstly, choose trousers that are the correct length for you. People should be able to see the colour of your socks, but never the tops of them, even if you are sitting with your legs crossed. Never wear sports socks with trousers, unless you are actually doing sport.

Are you seeking trousers that will look slimming on you? Many people make the common mistake of choosing baggy trousers, believing that these will have a slimming effect. In fact, the best slimming effect comes from tailored slim fit trousers.

Make sure to choose flat fronted trousers if you want to create a slimmer silhouette, too. The larger the number of pleats on your trousers, the fuller figured you will look.

It is common to accessorise trousers with a belt. This is always fine, as long as the style and tone of the belt match those of the trousers. Make sure to follow this one golden rule, however: you should never need a belt. Trousers should be tailored so that they fit your waist line perfectly. It should never be the case that they fall down around your ankles as soon as you unclasp your belt.

Finally, by all means use your trouser pockets, but not for bulky items. Keeping your credit card in your trouser pockets is fine, but stuffing them full of bulky items will just ruin the fit of your trousers.

Moreover, most business guides state that placing your hands in your trouser pockets as you talk is poor etiquette. The same goes for walking with your hands in your trouser pockets.