Style for the Season: A Suit Suitable for January

The days after New Years signal a shift back into the dreary day-to-day of work. No more mince pies and lie-ins, weekends in the gym, and overcast weather make January seem like the festive hangover that won't go away. With the sky full of grey-blues, the street lined with ice and not a sliver of sunlight in sight, it's going to take some thinking to stop your suit slumping with the mood.

The baseline of any bespoke suit is the shirt, and picking the colour is maybe the hardest part of the season. A cold blue or white is the obvious solution, keeping with the cold theme. However, it might be a good time to crack out some of the summer favourites - a muted pastel colour like green or pink is a good way to liven up a dead outfit without making you look out of place in the damp weather.

Perhaps pair the shirt with a dark linen blazer, something lightweight that you can add a high-button waistcoat to to layer up on colder days. Alternatively, a winter coat and scarf can be worn for the commute and removed to reveal a flexible ensemble when you arrive at work.

If you want to spice up your colour scheme without breaking into your summer wardrobe, a mix of nutty browns, wools, and corduroys are all on offer to create a winter suit that will make you look and feel like the warmest person in the room.

Shoes are a hard choice in winter, with concerns of style and practicability both coming into the equation. A set of brown brogues are the first choice for many, but with most pairs coming with little grip on the soles, it could require more thought. If in doubt, a pair of Chelsea boots are easy-to-clean and come in a wide array of complimentary colours.

Still in doubt? Check in with us here at Mullen & Mullen for some made-to-measure advice on what to wear this winter season. Got something eye-popping planned? Leave us a comment with your winter wardrobe suggestions.