The Secret to Perfectly Polished Shoes

Throughout the years you will have certainly learnt a thing or two about how to make a good impression. A smart bespoke suit, a fitted shirt and perfect accessories are all great starting points...however, shoes are often left till last. However,  they are just as important when it comes to our maintaining high standards in your formal wear - it’s true what they say – shoes either make or break a great piece of tailoring. Luckily we’re on hand to share our inside secrets on how to achieve perfectly polished shoes.

Don’t layer your polish

Layer upon layer of polish may seem like the easy option, but eventually that build-up is going to create a hard shell that will crack and ruin your best brogues. We advise always removing old polish before starting with a new layer – alcohol spirits or nail polish remover are a handy help.

Choose your colour wisely

Always match your colour perfectly, and if in doubt opt for a shade lighter. Darker shades can cause patchiness and irreversible colour staining.

Know your products

There are two main categories when it comes to shoe shining: cream and wax. If applying both, cream should be used before the wax. It is the job of the cream to clean and improve the condition of the leather, whereas the wax is a preventative measure taken to protect the leather from future toil and trouble. Wax is also great for adding that all-important shine.

Don’t forget to buff

Buffing your shoes gives them that mirror finish you’re looking for – perfect tailoring deserves well-shined wingtips! For the final professional look, you simply need to finish your shoes off with a brisk rub down using a piece of clean fabric.

We recommend using black nylon such a pair of women’s tights or stockings, as these offer the best results. To maintain this just-polished look, simply wipe down your shoes at the end of every day with the same piece of nylon.

Invest in premium quality shoes

We highly recommend our range of shoes made by English manufacturer Sanders & Sanders. These shoes are of the highest quality and will last years if maintained correctly.