Set a Strong Foundation for Your Suit with the Perfect Shirt

A clean, well ironed and well chosen shirt will give a bespoke suit a chic edge. The cost of a handmade shirt usually equals that of a shop bought designer shirt, and yet the handmade version will look so much more handsome.

So why not add made to measure shirts into your bespoke tailoring regime? Here are some key pieces of advise for choosing and wearing the ideal shirt for you.

Firstly, take a look at your sleeves. It is important to try on your shirt with your suit jacket. Between 1/4 of an inch and 1/2 an inch of shirt sleeve should be visible past the end of the sleeve of your jacket, when your arms are hanging by your sides. Any more or less than this looks a little off kilter and is somewhat of a faux pas.

Do you like pink? Pink shirts look great with some suits, and so do pink ties. However, wearing a pink shirt and a pink tie together is a definite no no.

When it comes to ties, moreover, it is very important to find out which knot works best for your shirt collar. The Four in Hand, the Half Windsor, and the Full Windsor are three of the most common tie knots. Master these and see which looks best with your collar, before branching out into other knot styles if you wish.

Looking further at accessories for shirts, collar stays are a must for the well turned out outfit. These are small slips of plastic or metal that are inserted into a shirt collar to ensure that it keeps its shape. So make sure to only buy shirts that accept stays.

Finally, white shirts flatter all body shapes, and are very versatile. Just make sure to invest in some bleach. If that shirt turns grey, it can ruin the look of your suit, so keep it looking fresh with a professional starching or bleaching.

If you want to try out some coloured shirts, stick with solid coloured shirts with a nice contour to start off with, as these are the safest bet.