Tips on Smart Accessories for Men

Accessories. They’re only for women and eighteenth century dandies preparing for a duel, right? Wrong. The right adornments to a formal outfit are absolutely essential for the sharp looking modern gent. Used in the right way and at the right time, they can make the difference between triumph and disaster in men’s fashion. Here’s a few things to consider when picking accessories out and putting them together.

Watch yourself

The younger generation tend to get the time off their phone or music player, but this only makes it more important to get the watch right as an accessory and style statement. A million dollar diamond studded Audemar is not essential here: it’s better that a watch looks elegant than expensive. If possible, it should be the same kind of metal as any other jewellery you might be wearing. Digital watches should be avoided outside of the gym. As with the other accessories, its better to wear none than a shabby one.

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Manage the tie

It’s worthwhile learning a few extra knots to make out of a neck tie in addition to the traditional Windsor. The “Four in hand” is good for accompanying more casual outfits, while the (perhaps slightly unfortunately named) Pratt is a good versatile not for a variety of outfits.

Those looking to take it to the next level can go for more extravagant projects like the beautiful Edredge Knot. Its a good idea to experiment with combining different knots with different outfits to see which works best. It’s also worth investing in a tie clip to keep your (now fabulously knotted) tie out of your food at meal times.

Wallet there be light

In order to work at both formal and informal occasions, wallets should be leather, simplistic in style and not overstuffed. Keep them in a jacket pocket to prevent them stretching the lining of your trousers.

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Belt up

A well tailored pair of trousers shouldn’t really need a belt, but you may want to bring one out anyway to complement a suit. If so, make sure the buckle matches any other metal your wearing and avoid clashing patterns and colours.

Happy accessorising!