Handmade Boxers Are Much More than Just Pants

As a boy, there was one Christmas present you knew you could get every year. It didn't quite fill you with dread, but it was nowhere near as exciting as the Scalextric set you had put on your list. It was the gift that mums around the world placed in stockings and under trees for generations. It was pants.

While opening a fresh pack of Y-fronts picked out by your mum may be a thing of the past, the idea of new undergarments is, most likely, a part of men's fashion that leaves you less than excited. There's a simple reason for this: you're doing it wrong.

Men's tailoring doesn't start and end with a suit. Rather, your undergarments deserve the same bespoke attention as your trousers and jacket. Fine tailoring can be the difference between a premium undergarment that takes you comfortably through the day and, well, pants.

A pair of boxers is only as good as the fabric made to create it. Think about it -- this fabric is going to be against your most intimate areas all day long. Don't you want the highest quality available?

At Mullen & Mullen, we found ourselves with heaps of fabric from our bespoke shirt tailoring. It was all fantastic cotton that was comfortable and luxurious, but that didn't seem to serve a purpose. With the help of Rachel, these pieces are given a new life. She hand cuts and sews each pair of Mullen & Mullen boxers to an exacting standard.

The result is a line of boxers that is truly unique, offering the most comfortable undergarment you'll have ever worn. Handmade in York, these are the tailored boxers that will make you rethink how you have been dressing all these years. Great boxers are the perfect foundation for the rest of your style to be built upon.

The right pair of boxers can make a huge difference, and give you a refined finish to your overall style. Even in a changing room, you'll stand proud and fashionable in or out of your suit. You might even include them on next year's Christmas list, right above the Scalextric set.

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