Winter Weather Warning: Look Your Best and Keep Comfortable with the Right Tailoring

A cold winter morning can be a challenge for even the most refined gentleman. Waking up in the still dark morning, swinging out from under the warm embrace of a fluffy duvet, and preparing oneself for the blustery winds outside can make getting ready for work seem like a Herculean task.

Of course, the winter also brings with it the challenges of artificial heating. Many men are at a loss for what to wear, so they bundle up in Gortex monstrosities best suited for Arctic exploration, under which they wear a summer weight suit that would give them a chill in Barbados.

Luckily, the solution to winter weather is far simpler and far better looking. The solution is choosing the right fabrics and wearing them right.

Start with the right undergarments. Choose a fine pair of boxers, a well made pair of socks, and a great undershirt. This will give you a base layer that will keep your core temperature at the right level, indoors and out, making you feel far more comfortable.

Winter is a great time to wear heavier wool suits and tweeds. A bespoke wool suit can give you the ultimate control over the weight of your suit, meaning you can choose the fabric that suits your needs. Consider whether your day to day work will have you outside much, too. If you will be spending most of your day in a heated office, you might want to opt for a medium weight wool that is appropriate for the season but won't leave you overheated.

For fine tuning of temperature, you can also add a knitwear layer. A cashmere jumper under your suit jacket can add warmth for the morning but can be easily removed before you get overheated. Cashmere and lambswool are always going to be preferable to man-made materials, which won't look or feel as good.

Finally, choose the right overcoat. When you wear your winter suit, you won't need to bulk yourself up with an inappropriately large parka. Instead, choose a bespoke tailored overcoat. By having this made alongside your suits, you can ensure that they look and feel perfect together.

Bespoke tailoring is an excellent way to look your best in any season, and working with a tailor in York can ensure that you have the perfect style ready for anything the British winter has to throw your way.