What Accessories Work Best with a Tailored Suit?

You've bought a tailored suit, perhaps from myself, one of Mullen & Mullen's London visiting tailors, and you're looking for an accessory that adds that little touch. Small details can make big differences to suits and in this blog post we discuss some suggestions.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares, cotton or silk, add flourish and pizazz to your suit jacket. A nice touch is to match the colour of your lining, but in general go for a patterned pocket square if your suit cloth is plain, and go for a plain pocket square if your suit jacket is patterned. Remember, a pocket square attracts the eye so it's important to get a good quality one that lasts. If you use a handkerchief, ensure its crisp white as an old cloth can look tired.


Skinny, slim, normal or wide, ties are the staple of a suit diet. Only wear shirts of the same colours? Use ties to create alternative variations of style. Don't match the colour of your tie to your pocket square - this can look too much and that you're trying too hard. Plain or patterned, it's up to you, but remember also you have a choice of textures. Wool/woven ties have come back into style recently and give a relaxed air to a strong suit. A subtle tie clip helps to keep this look crisp.


When you're sitting down your trousers rise revealing tanned, muscular legs - if only. Tuck those pasties away in warm woollen socks and make them a fun accessory for your suit by choosing some bold colours or patterns. Many of our top customers in the highest levels swear it was their socks that got them there. Be known as the one in the office with the great socks - better that than poor jokes.


Beside a watch and a wedding ring, cufflinks are the only piece of man jewellery most can get away with. Why not get a nice pair then? Cufflinks mostly come onto show when leaning forward at a desk, palms forward. The perfect distraction technique in negotiations your cufflinks can be used to great effect. Some choose funny styles, others silver with coloured stone. 


Most body heat is lost through the head and the neck hosts some of the biggest blood capillaries in the body. Wrap it up in a nice, thick, woollen scarf to keep warm in colder weather. Scarves are an excellent suit accessory, especially within the wraps of a thick overcoat. Keep it untied and hanging down straight, loop the two ends through, or tie a granny knot - there are all sorts of ways to use a scarf but remember the possibilities in colour too. A plain charcoal grey, black, or navy (perhaps a cashmere blend) can look dashing, while a striped weave can bring the Autumn colours of the year's end to front.

Mullen & Mullen stocks many suit accessories in its shop in York. You may order them online too. We will of course be happy to advise on any sartorial questions you may have at an obligation free tailoring appointment.