Does Your Suit Jacket Have the Right Pockets?

Most do not consider what suit pockets to have, and you may not even know what suit pockets you currently have - straight or slanted?

Suit pockets are obviously a must, it'd be bizarre not to have any, a bit like not having any eyebrows. People would look at your suit and something would be strange but they wouldn't immediately spot it.However you do have some styling options available: Straight pockets,slanted pockets, with or without an outer ticket pocket?

Straight pockets

Straight suit pockets are the classic style by default. Perfect for work, events and court. This is what most go for.

Slanted Pockets

A bit more casual than straight pockets, and a purely stylish over-practical choice (although arguably easier to put your hands into) two slanted suit jacket pockets are the second most popular option. Great for plain navy suits, blazers and Tweed, slanted pockets are for sartorial gentlemen.

Slanted Pockets With Outer Ticket Pocket

A smaller pocket goes above a big pocket on the outside of the jacket usually on the right hand side. The most casual of the choices, it doesn't really serve a practical function and most chaps leave it sewn-up. The outer ticket pocket breaks the symmetry of the suit and can look particularly good with a Prince of Wales check or as part of a double breasted.

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