A Young Man's Guide to Workplace Attire

The old saying that "you only get one chance to make a first impression" is true; if you go about your day looking the part, you'll find you're far more likely to get ahead. Dress to impress is a well-worn phrase - but also a very important one. If you dress to match your peer level, it might be fashionable but it could easily hinder your rise to the top.

One mistake that a lot of young men make is to assume that dressing smartly means a suit or similar smart clothes. This is simply not true. Dressing smartly on a basic level means wearing clothes that are free of tears, rips and stains - and clean. This is equally applicable whether you are a door to door salesman, or a vet. Seems obvious, but you should also make sure that they fit appropriately. A size larger may be more comfortable, but it will look all wrong.

Personal style is also vitally important. Once a man has recognised that this is an important thing, he is most of the way to dressing immaculately. Disregard conventional styles and focus on what suits you and also what works for you in terms of physique (read our guide on selecting the right suit for your body type here).

Keep your budget in mind as a deciding factor. The happy news is, snappy dressing doesn't have to cost a fortune. However, always get the best you can afford - bespoke tailoring may be a bit pricier, but it's worth the investment in the perfect fit.

The last tip to dressing well is to stick with classic styles. There's a reason that styles become classic - and that's because they wear well. Choose a classic fitting suit and it’ll stand the test of time.

If you are buying your first office suit, focus on fit, classic styling and high quality clothing. All these can be achieved by a bespoke tailoring - with shirts starting from £89 and suits from £699, it’s an affordable investment in your future career.