Our Guide to Matching Patterns and Colours

Do you fancy experimenting with some bolder patterns and styles, but don't want to appear too outrageous or garish at your next business meeting? In that case, we Yorkshire tailors can show you the way. We've got the perfect guide on how to match patterns and colours without causing an all-out clashing disaster.

For a striped shirt

This really depends on the boldness of the stripe and the colour, but as a general rule of thumb, never wear stripe-on-stripe - this is a men's fashion no-no. If you're wearing a particularly daring shirt, you may wish to opt for a block colour tie that complements one of the colours in the stripe. If your striped shirt is of a subtler design, you can afford to choose a tie patterned with dots or diamonds.

As for your jacket option, you should again opt for a plain block colour that makes your shirt stand out, rather than a pinstripe or check jacket.

For a solid shirt

If you're going for a block coloured shirt, the best way to co-ordinate your tie is to choose something striped or patterned that contains a minor colour element to complement your shirt. This stops your tie looking too co-ordinated or 'matchy-matchy' while at the same time giving a nod to complementary colours. With a solid shirt, you can also afford to go for a striped or patterned jacket, but be careful when matching up your tie, as too much contrast can be distracting.

For a checked jacket

Checked jackets aren't for everyone, but if you decide to go for this daring look, the rest of your ensemble should not be too 'busy'. Aim for a strong, bold coloured tie that accents your jacket, rather than an intricate patterned or striped look. Team with a subtle, more neutral-coloured shirt to complete the look - it doesn't absolutely have to be a block colour, but if you do decide to go for a pattern, it should be extremely subtle so as not to draw the attention away from the jacket and seem overpowering on the eye. With a checked jacket, you can either go for a pattern on the shirt or the tie, but never both.

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Of course, getting the fit right is also essential to complete your look, and nothing achieves this quite like bespoke tailoring. If you're interested in a bespoke suit, contact Yorkshire tailors Mullen & Mullen today to find out more about what we can do for you.