The Return of the Double-Breasted Suit (and How to Make It Work for You)

It seems the double-breasted suit is back in style, despite sometimes getting a bad rap for itself in men's fashion as being one of the go-to outfits for '80s bankers, public schoolboys, gangsters, and stuffy politicians. Luckily, this old classic has recently been revamped and embraced by the likes of Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law and Jake Gyllenhal, who have brought it right up-to-date for 2014 as one of the hottest style trends of the year. The question is, are you ready to take on the brave world of the double-breasted suit?

Creating the right silhouette

As effortlessly cool as the double-breasted suit appears, it's not actually the easiest garment to wear. This type of jacket is better suited to gentlemen with a leaner figure, since it can add bulk to your frame. The double-breasted structure visually creates a widening effect that can, at worst, look rather unflattering. However, for men of the right build, a double-breasted blazer can emphasise the shoulder-to-waist ratio to create an ideal silhouette.

The updated double-breasted suit we're seeing today is altogether sleeker, more tailored and also has a shorter cut. The jacket should skin your body without hugging, and armholes seem to be cut just that bit higher to give an overall cleaner look. Gone are the bulky shoulders, with an altogether more natural, softer appearance, allowing for a more subtle yet stylish and elegant look. Modern minimalism meets the dramatic style of the double-breasted blazer, and you can pull off this look as long as you stick to the following:

How you should wear it

Button formations should usually be either 6×2 or 4×2, with the former being slightly easier and perhaps a better choice for those venturing into new territory. When wearing, ensure you always fasten the middle button, leaving the bottom one undone. Always keep the anchor button fastened.

As for occasions, you should be able to wear a double-breasted suit for just about any event where you'd normally find yourself in a single-breasted suit, although it may not be a look you want to go for every day. There are some that might consider this a more formal look, as it tends to have more flair and pizzazz about it. This look is generally more suited to the office and formal occasions, rather than a night out with the lads.

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