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How to Choose the Right Suit for Your Body Shape

Any good tailor realises that every man is different, and that not all styles will suit the same people. While buying an off the rack suit can be cheaper, you'll also get what you pay for: a suit designed to fit as many different people as possible. The benefit of bespoke tailoring, however, is that you'll enjoy a suit that fits perfectly, whatever your body shape.

As experienced Yorkshire tailors, we know what works and what doesn't: take a look at our tips below to find out how to dress to impress.

For gentlemen who are taller...

Avoid showing cuff below your jacket if possible, as this will give the impression of your arms being even longer. Choose a two-button suit, and ensure that your trousers have a good amount of break: this will add width to the way you look. Another way in which to avoid width is to wear lighter coloured suits, rather than blacks and charcoals.

For gentlemen who are shorter...

Shorter men should buy well fitting trousers in order to avoid wearing a belt: a belt can break up your body, making your height a focal point. Jacket buttons should also be lowered to lengthen the look of your body, while pointed lapels can have the same effect. Finally, show more cuff from the bottom of the jacket than you may think necessary: it will make your arms, and therefore your whole body, look longer.

For gentlemen who are muscular...

Pointed lapels and handkerchiefs in suit pockets are a no if you have a muscular chest, as these will draw attention to the area and make it look larger. Shirts with low collars - as well as two-button jackets - can create a V shaped look at your torso, slimming your figure down. Finally, if your shoulders are far wider than your waist, ensure that your jacket is taken in at the waist for a more fitted effect.

For gentlemen who are larger...

While muscular men should avoid handkerchiefs in the breast pocket, they are encouraged for larger men: a handkerchief will draw attention to the chest rather than to the stomach. Stripes and checked patterns should be avoided, as block colours are more slimming, and skinny ties and lapels can also contribute to an impression of bulk.

  • Peter White
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