8 Fashion Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

Style can be an unusual and alienating concept for many people, even those in the fashion industry. To keep your style fresh, you need to keep one eye on the blogosphere.

Blogs have become a bigger and more influential part of our lives. They are a superb way to keep on the cutting-edge of the industry as well as getting inspired, finding advice or exploring new ideas for developing your own personal sense of style.

To help you find the perfect blogs for you, we’ve searched the web for the ten of our favourites.

Big: Mr Porter.

Its huge, not so much a blog as a newsletter. The size and scale of their offerings is enormous and always on-trend, catching the zeitgeist of the moment. And every feature leads to a product to make for easy shopping.


For Gentlemen: The Mitchelli

Articles on style and etiquette by Steve Mitchell for the modern gentlemen. Always full of fantastic advice. A must read.


Cool: Super Denim

High quality products from high-end brands and artisan manufacturers from around the world. ‘Nuff said.


High-Brow: Permanent Style

Simon Crompton is a journalist and has it covered when it comes to the best in bespoke, interesting postings following Simon commissioning clothes and going through fitting stages with some of the biggest and best names in bespoke.


Independent: Mullen and Mullen

Our Style Journal speaks of classic Men’s Tailoring and accessories. Written by our highly knowledgeable team of tailors, it’s a friendly and accessible, full of knowhow and inside style tips from people who live and breathe Yorkshire tailoring. Frankly its unmissable (but I might be slightly biased).

Specialised: The Business of Fashion

Imran Amed founded The Business of Fashion to focus on the fashion industry from top to bottom, rather than focus on individual style. Well worth a read.


Accessible: Fashion Beans

Founded by Ben Herbert, Fashion Beans focuses on high street style, ideal for those intimidated by fashionistas.


Friendly: Put This On

Put This On feels like reading an ongoing letter on style each post, with the author sharing style advice just with you. Slightly US focused, but worth a look.