8 Hints and Tips for Wearing Ties

Your tie is the first thing people notice. So, make sure you get noticed for the right reasons with these 8 excellent tips.

  1. How long should a tie be? The wide end of the tie should reach to your belt buckle. There is a view that the longer the greater confidence that exudes – clearly there is a limit. Not too short though! The narrow length of tie must never be longer than the wide end of the tie.
  2. White tie occasions are the rarest and most formal of occasions. The appropriate tie is a thin, white, hand-tied marcella bow-tie.
  3. Black tie events mean that a Black bow tie is to be worn (and should be hand tied)
  4. With a pocket square make sure it does not clash with your tie.
  5. If you wear a double breasted jacket with a tie, this should always be buttoned up and the end of the tie should NOT be visible.
  6. Debretts advise that a shirt with a turndown (not button-down) collar should be worn with a tie and the top button of the shirt must be done up.
  7. The knot needs to be chosen on the basis of the fabric of the tie and the desired look. The Half Windsor or Windsor creates a very professional look.
  8. Practice the Four-in-Hand knot too and make sure the thickness of the material is taken into account in the knot you choose.

Never forget, a tie communicates a message to the people you are meeting. Ties can communicate power, confidence, rational thinking, warmth, cheekiness, energy, tastelessness or laziness, so make sure you get it right!