How to Save Money on Suits

With all of life’s existing pressures and costs its nice to be able to think that the suit you are wearing, represents great value and might even be saving you money. There is a very quick answer as to how to save money on suits: book an appointment with Mullen & Mullen! But allow me to elaborate.

We’re all aware of the false economies of buying cheap and buying twice, or more times! I’m not here to promote cheap, but to steer you towards value; value has nothing to do with price.

So let me explain how Mullen & Mullen will save you money on suits. Our expert tailors will establish what your suit is needed for. Do you require a lightweight suit, do you intend to make the daily commute in your suit, will you be wearing it every day or less often, will you be travelling abroad, on and off planes? For a frequent traveller we will recommend a specialist travel cloth for example Holland and Sherry’s Intercity, this cloth is woven in a stable 2/2 twill, from a 60/2 nm yarn in both warp and weft direction, giving the cloth body and fullness. These qualities offer durability and good drape, which are perfect for tailoring. It also means that your suit is going to stand up to the rigours of your travel schedule and outlast many more expensive, finer cloths, therefore saving you money by achieving a far longer lifespan.

Lifespan and cost-per-wear are key when considering saving money on suits. A good “work” suit should really come with two pairs of trousers. If you think about it trousers bear the brunt of day to day living, you can be in them for 12-15 hours a day, whereas the jacket drapes un-stressed on the back of the door or your chair. How many people have to throw away perfectly good jackets, and buy a new suit, because the trousers have worn out?

By ordering 2 or 3 pairs of trousers you can literally add years to the lifespan of a suit and save yourself ££s. Furthermore if you are one of those chaps that always seems to wear through the seat of trousers in no time, we can reinforce the seat for you at the outset. We will also measure you well so that the suit fits well and lasts longer than an ill fitting garment you are constantly wrestling with. By these and other means we will match you to the perfect cloth for your needs, make you several pairs of trousers and add details such as reinforced tailoring, and you will be buying suits with less frequency and saving money.

You will also look great in our suits, so your customers will not be able to resist placing orders and sending work your way, so your suit will actually be making you money…. But that’s a different article!