Top 4 Tips for Successful Blazer Shopping

That awkward period between the end of summer and beginning of autumn can be incredibly hard to dress for; chilly in the morning and evening, but warmer during the day, it’s the time of year that calls for really versatile clothing. The humble blazer is a fantastic option to bridge the gap between wearing no jacket at all and huddling up in your warmest overcoat, and today we’ve got some great tips to help you find the perfect version.

Check the fit

Despite a blazer being less formal than a full bespoke office suit, it’s still imperative to ensure that it fits correctly; from shirts to full tailoring, your clothes should always fit perfectly. Head out armed with your measurements; this will help you narrow down your selection, and allow any staff members to advise you on which styles might be best. Sleeve length is as important as ever; your cuffs should graze your wrist, allowing any shirts worn underneath to show through underneath – anything that reaches the middle of your palm is far too long. Finally, think about what you might be wearing it with; if you’re planning on pairing it with some fine knitwear at the weekends, for example, you might want to opt for one in a slightly bigger size, so that everything sits as it should. Of course, the shortcut to a great fit is to visit your friendly bespoke tailor.

Consider the fabric

When shopping for tailoring, be it bespoke wedding suits or general office wear, usually the weather is the last thing you’d be thinking about. But when buying a blazer, you should remember that its job is largely going to be to keep out the chill in the early mornings, whilst keeping you looking dapper. Tweed is a fantastic fabric for autumn blazers; not only is the print wonderfully on trend for this time of year, it’s also warmer than lighter cottons and can be worn with a whole range of colours underneath. Another great option is a heavier wool blazer in neutral colours; think classic black, smart navy and deep greys and then liven things up with a brightly coloured knit or shirt underneath.

Think about colour and pattern

If you’re a fan of playing it safe, blazers in neutral colours are probably going to be your best bet, but if you like something a little different, a blazer can be used to brighten up, as well as smarten up, your wardrobe. Bespoke tailors, designers and high street stores alike have all recently been spotted dressing their customers in smart blazers in jewel bright tones and standout patterns; rich autumn reds, deep purples and forest greens are all popular colours at this time of the year, while patterns such as checks, stripes and dogtooth are classic favourites. Wear them with plain colours, or if you’re feeling daring, clash the patterns for a little wardrobe excitement.

Consider its role in your wardrobe

When buying a new garment, it’s always important to consider exactly how you’re going to be wearing it, and what occasions you might need it for – and this is certainly true when buying a blazer. Colour, fabric and style choices all depend on what you’re going to be wearing your blazer with; if you work in a semi-casual office, and want it to wear in the workplace, it should be smartly tailored and of an appropriate colour – while bright red might work in a creative office, it might not prove so popular in somewhere more formal. If your blazer is strictly for weekends and evenings, the sky really is the limit; think how it might work with both jeans and chinos, and whether you could comfortably fit a t-shirt, shirt or knit underneath.