Updating Your Wardrobe? Why Not Your Hair Too?

You’ve bought a new suit, complete with shirts, neckties and delicately chosen accessories, to re-brand yourself as the modern, 21st century gentleman. You’re on the right track, but you’re also in danger of undoing all of your hard work unless you heed our next snippet of advice: a modern hairstyle is just as essential as any piece of clothing.

Choosing the right hairstyle

It’s not as simple as ask and you shall receive, but then again when is it? The cardinal rule of the haircut is communication with your barber. You need to know exactly what you want and exactly how to ask for it. A hairdresser will always strive to work on your bonnet based on your request, but vague requests yield generic results. However, don’t lose heart; read on and learn all you need to know about how to ask for what you want.

Embrace the clipper

  • Tapering and skin fades – A hairdresser can use these techniques to gradually change the length of your back and sides, starting short and slowly lengthening as it approaches the top.
  • Choosing the right guard – Also referred to as the ‘number’, the guard determines the length that your hair is trimmed to. If you want a shorter, tighter feeling then go below number 2. Any guard above this will allow you to run your hands through your hair.
  • Shave it off – Go for the bold option. Chose a low guard number and lose the back and sides, leaving the top long and unkempt. This is a very popular look, and it’s also very modern.

Don’t forget the scissors

  • Blunt cut – Your barber will use their scissors to even out the length of your hair through horizontal snips. This provides a very angular, tidy look that works perfectly with rounder faces.
  • Point cut – A technique that offers a much more unkempt, modern appearance. The barber will trim away at your top mop with their scissors angled towards your scalp, adding variety to the length of individual hairs.
  • Thinning – Ask your barber to thin your hair and they’ll use special notched bladed scissors to get the result you’re after. Once finished, your hair will feel lighter and make it much easier to style.

Let’s talk styling

The shape of your face is key when it comes to your new hairdo. There’s a multitude of combinations that work wonderfully, such as a chiselled face sporting a short back and sides that’s long, unkempt and wild on top or a round face with a tapered hairstyle that works with round features. If you're struggling just remember - your most useful source of information is your hairdresser; they’re professionals.

There are no rules governing your grooming. Do some research, find a style to experiment with and go for it. Lose that generic short back and sides and bring yourself back in to the 21st century. No matter the style, a perfectly groomed head will simply tell people that you care about how you look. Is that such a bad thing?