The Smartest Accessories for Winter

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When you’ve invested in bespoke tailoring for your suits and overcoat, the last thing you want is for your winter accessories to let you down. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the fabric the harder it is to make it look elegant. However, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style. Choose wisely and the garments designed to keep you warm will also keep you smart.


Steer clear of long, striped woollen scarves, unless you’re a time travelling doctor. Indeed chunky scarves of any variety are best avoided, even those knitted by your favourite aunt. Instead, opt for scarves in lambswool for timeless elegance, or for something a little more luxurious choose cashmere. Whether checked or plain, next to a dark overcoat a scarf can add a welcome splash of colour to a winter outfit.

A scarf can be worn loose, wrapped round or knotted in a variety of styles. The once round style keeps it close to your neck for warmth, or twice round gives additional protection from the elements in more extreme cold weather. Use a Parisian or Ascot knot for a touch of elegance.


Keep the fleece gloves for the slopes and opt for leather gloves for about town. Plain leather gloves or driving gloves are close fitting so are practical as well as smart. They are the ideal companion to a tailored overcoat. Driving gloves are designed for good grip of the steering wheel, and will usually offer less warmth than standard leather gloves. Choose wool or cashmere linings for maximum protection from the cold.


Woollen hats and beanies are the perfect headgear for hiking and skiing, but they are not the ideal accessory to complement a smart overcoat. When in town a felted dress hat is usually the best choice. A trilby or fedora gives a smart, modern look, in colours to suit all tastes. For those who exude confidence, Russian military-style hats are an option. They can have a fashionable and elegant appearance, but absolutely must be worn with panache. The flat cap is no longer confined to use in country sports. Teamed up with casual wear a flat cap is a stylish choice, as shown by the likes of Jude Law, Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx.

A fine wardrobe deserves good quality accessories. Consider your winter items carefully, invest in the best and they will bring an added touch of style to your bespoke tailoring.