Style Advice for the Larger Man

We’ve all experienced the classic scenario of the other half wanting to know if an outfit makes them look younger, sexier and, of course, slimmer. But what about the men? Don’t overestimate us ladies, us larger men are just as keen to look as slim as possible when we’re dressed to the nines as well. Luckily, there are plenty of sneaky tips out there for men to create a slimmer, more suave frame.

Don’t go too tight

When it comes to picking formal wear in particular, from everyday work wear to wedding suits, nothing compares to bespoke tailoring. If you’re looking to create a more flattering, slimmer frame, jackets and trousers that are bunching up in all the wrong places are not the way to go. Instead, favour a fit that is slightly more generous and will skim your body to give an overall smoother look.

Unbutton your shirt

In the same way that V neck tops are slimming, leaving your top two buttons undone is a great way to create a slimmer appearance. If you’re heading to a smart-casual event where you can get away without neck wear, try unbuttoning your shirt at the top to allow the eye to be drawn to a narrow bit of skin. 

Choose clever patterns

If you’re feeling a bit larger of late and are looking for a simple solution that will make you appear slimmer, a bold patterned tie is a great investment. The long, slim, vertical pattern will draw attention to that strip of interest, making you look longer and leaner. Make sure that the tie sits on your waistband; any shorter and it may rest on your widest area, drawing attention to that. Team it with a pale shirt and dark jacket for a real smart and streamline look.

Empty your pockets

It’s a no brainer really – when your pockets are full they make you look wider. There really is no need to be lugging around your full wallet and a hefty set of keys at all time. A great tip is to invest in a note clip or smaller card holder, so you only take what you need with you when heading to formal events. Trust us lads, that nectar card won’t come in handy at the races.