9 Pinterest Accounts to Follow on Men's Accessories

Accessories are often overlooked by men, but now there are almost as many options out there for discerning male dressers as there are for women. Ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and shoes are amongst the many ways you can give your bespoke suit even more individual edge. But with so much choice out there it can be overwhelming picking out key items.

Pinterest is a really useful social media tool for collecting and discovering in a visual way which makes it great for finding fashion inspiration. Below is a collection of boards for a range of outfit complimenting pieces that are bound to impress a variety of tastes.

It is becoming increasingly popular to inject intrigue and personality to your outfit through your feet. Statement socks, also known as ‘shock socks’, can instantly lift a conservative two piece. All you need is a carefully chosen glimpse of colour and pattern and you can get ready to knock traditional sock hues into the past.


Shoes – everybody has a pair, but do you own any as stunning as those from Lucian Istrate’s handsome visual collection?


Monk shoes are a particular favourite of mine at the moment.


Ties – the traditional choice to give your smarts a new look. Another creative board from Lucian Istrate features a number of multi-faceted ties.


My particular favourite is the knit tie and luckily there is a board devoted solely to this textured beauty.


Whatever design you could wish for – light bulbs, kinetic watch movements, sirloin steaks, mini carousels or fire extinguishers – it exists in cufflink form.


‘The real men wear scarves ‘, is a fantastic board full of winter warmers and fashion statements in an array of colours, shapes and sizes.


Add a burst of flair to your jacket with a glimpse of colourful silk in your breast pocket.


Last, but by no means least, we have the man bag. The only way to keep your jacket in good shape is to stash your essentials inside some masculine arm candy.


About Cat:

Catriona grew up in Scotland before moving to York to study Law. After completing her degree she spent some time travelling in Asia before returning to York. She has since joined us as a visiting bespoke tailor, available for appointments across London.