Five Key Pieces Every Man Should Own

A new season is the ideal time to head to the shops and add some key pieces to your wardrobe to keep things looking fresh – but while it’s always nice to keep up with modern trends, it’s equally important to ensure you have classic pieces at your disposal at all times. We’ve compiled a list of the five items that no gentleman should be without; from formal wear to accessories, our short guide will help make sure that you have the key building blocks for a great wardrobe.

A charcoal suit

A lot of people think that the best colour suit to own is black, but in actual fact, it’s a far better idea to invest in a quality bespoke suit in charcoal. Wonderfully neutral, this shade of grey has all the versatility of black but with the advantage that you won’t look like a waiter when you combine it with a black tie. Perfect with almost every colour, it can be teamed with subtle pastels or eye-catching brights, and works equally well with prints and patterns as well.

A silk pocket square

Every gentleman should be armed with plenty of accessories to add the perfect finishing touch to their outfit, but the one essential for formal social occasions is undoubtedly a silk pocket square. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, this small yet sumptuous piece of fabric adds a certain vintage, sophisticated charm to any wedding or dinner outfit.

A printed tie

While block coloured and neutral ties are great for the office, but teaming your bespoke suit with a printed tie out of work time is a great way to add a little interest to your outfit. Ideal for formal social occasions such as lunches, dinners, weddings and christenings, choose from florals, stripes, spots and paisley prints.

Smart black Oxfords

They say that a true gentleman only needs three pairs of footwear, and one of these just happens to be one of our staple wardrobe picks. The smart black Oxford shoe really earns its keep, so it’s more than worth investing in a good quality pair; as well as working well with your office suit, they will look fantastic on other formal occasions, and even with smart jeans at the weekend. As with everything, though, you should maintain their appearance with a good shoe-care kit and regular visits to the shoe repairer to deal with worn soles and heels.

A crisp white shirt

We’re pleased to award our top spot to one of the most versatile things you’ll ever own; the simple, crisp white shirt. Whether you favour the modern slim cut, or the traditional classic fit, a white shirt will see you through teamed with your bespoke office suit at the office, under a blazer for an evening meal and with smart, dark jeans for a relaxed weekend look.