5 Most Stylish Dogs on Instagram

As well as being mans best friend, dogs are now style icons. To raise awareness for the Dog's Trust Chip My Dog campaign, here's our 5 Most Stylish Dogs on Instagram.

A shocking 110,000 strays are estimated in the UK, either lost or abandoned, according to the recent released Stray Dog Report 2014. Dog's Trust is calling on dog owners across the UK to come along to one of their free microchipping events at www.chipmydog.org.uk so that they can continue to improve the situation ahead of the change in law in Wales in 2015 and England in 2016 which will make microchipping compulsory. 

5) Maverick Poser

Maverick Poser knows when to have fun and when to keep it serious.

4) Alfonso The Griffon

Alfonso is a 2 year old Brussels Griffon living in London. Alfonso sticks to the classic look - a white Oxford collar and tie.

3) Montjiro

Montjiro is a Japanese Chihuahua, known for wearing miniature Burberry bests, detailed scarves and necklaces and even paramilitary wear. Montjiro even has his own clothing line.

2) Kintai

Kintai is a 8-year-old Yorkie, most at home outdoors, climbing mountains and hiking across the countryside.

1)Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog is a 5 year old Shiba Inu living in NYC with an impeccable sense of style. His secret? Never be afraid to experiment with the latest style, but know when to wear a classic suit.