How to Choose Your Winter Overcoat

Now autumn is upon us, it’s time to think about your winter wardrobe. A must have for any gentleman is a classic winter overcoat.

One of the most common difficulties with an off-the-peg overcoat is finding one with the exact fit for your shoulders. If a coat doesn’t fit perfectly on the shoulders it will not hang properly and will inevitably have the appearance of an ill-fitting garment. Opt for an overcoat designed and cut just for you and your coat will ooze quality, style and sophistication. Another advantage of a custom made coat is that you can choose the weight of the fabric, depending on your requirements for warmth and protection from the elements. You will also be able to make a selection from a range of lining fabrics to suit your personal style.

When you invest in a bespoke winter overcoat you want it to last, so it’s important to choose from the best fabrics. Pure wool offers both warmth and style. Cashmere is a luxurious option and feels fabulous, however, the most practical choice is a wool cashmere blend.

As with a bespoke suit, it’s essential to pay attention to the finer details of styling for an overcoat. The sleeve of your overcoat should cover both your suit sleeve and your shirt cuff, for optimal style and warmth. The length of your coat is all a matter of personal taste. Some men prefer to have a long line coat, ending part way down the calf, while others opt for a shorter style on or just a little below knee length. The shorter length is particularly suitable for those of a trim figure, while a longer line suits anyone and can be flattering for those who are broader in the body.

Men’s fashion may change, but the timeless appeal of a quality overcoat remains. A bespoke winter coat is the height of elegance and, well looked after, will give you many years of service.