Five Versatile Shoes to Complete Your Wardrobe

Aside from a bespoke suit, shoes are perhaps the biggest investment you can make when it comes to men's fashion. With that in mind, we've sought to make a list of the five most versatile shoes to own when building up your wardrobe for every occasion.

Dark brown suede chukka

The comfortable and classic dark brown chukka, along with the black oxford (more about that below), is one of the most versatile shoes you can own, and looks at home with chinos, jeans, cords and even some trousers, depending on the setting. It's perfect for a business casual look, especially when bought with a rubber sole and treated to be waterproof for wet weather.

Black cap-toe oxford

A necessity, as it fits in with most business formal occasions while still being workable with almost anything else, the black oxford is a great investment that you'll wear time and time again. The black oxford can on occasion even be formal enough for a more black-tie affair, although this generally calls for sleekness so you may not always get away with the cap-toe.

Suede penny loafers

The perfect, relaxed summer shoe, suede penny loafers can be worn with jeans, or shorts and can even be worn without the need for socks (although it's better if they are unlined). Too casual for suit-wear, penny loafers can be teamed with just about anything else in your wardrobe. For summer, it's best to go for a tan or light brown colour when picking your loafers.

Tan plain-toe bluchers

More casual than the oxford, but less so than loafers, we have the blucher. Picking this particular shoe in tan makes it very versatile, and can be teamed with any of the rules that apply to the chukka, but work better with creased or pleated business trousers, along with grey or navy suits. As mentioned previously, tan is a great colour for summer, too.

Dark brown wingtip boots

Another business/casual offering, these boots can work wonders with trousers and some suits, jeans, chinos and cords. If wearing in winter, you should also think about waterproofing these and wearing with a rubber sole to deal with weather conditions and fulfil the type of versatile role we're assigning to them - which may make them not quite sleek enough for suit-wear.


Now that you've got your versatile shoes, you'll likely need some suits to go with them. Contact bespoke Yorkshire tailors Mullen and Mullen for more information on what we could do for you.