How to Dress to Look Taller: Tailors Secrets

Its a fact that a good suit can make you stand tall with confidence. However, you can gain a few inches without faking it by making some small and subtle changes to your suit. According to national surveys, the average height of a man in Europe and North America is 5ft 10. If you are shorter, dressing with confidence is essential, and this is much easier if you know you are wearing the best quality clothing created just for you.

Invest in top quality men’s tailoring, as nothing beats a good cut and perfect fit. Trousers that are too long tend to highlight shortness, so opt for bespoke tailoring and you can be certain of a suit designed to fit your particular body shape and height.

The length of your jacket should be in proportion to your body, as an excessively long jacket will simply draw attention to the fact that you are below average height. Details such as the width of lapels, the positioning of jacket pockets and sleeve length are also important. Ideally your shirt sleeve should reach the base of your hand, with the jacket sleeve ending just above the wrist. The recommended length of shirt cuff that should be visible beneath a jacket sleeve is approximately ¼ to ½ inches, with the former being more suitable for a shorter man, as it gives a lengthening appearance. If no sleeve is visible, it can give an ill-fitting and slouchy appearance to your suit, making it look too big for you.

A suit works well for increasing the appearance of height, as separates in different colours split the body in two, tending to shorten the body’s appearance. Vertical stripes give the visual impact of lengthening the body. If you want to combine this with a slimming effect, choose thin stripes, preferably narrowly spaced. Choose a tie that is not too wide, and where appropriate opt for a bold coloured pocket square, as this can draw attention upwards.

There are many successful men whose height isn’t even noticed simply because they dress well and have plenty of confidence. He may be a big personality, but Kanye West is no giant at 5ft 8. James McAvoy measures in at 5ft 7, while Bruno Mars is 5ft 5 and Emilio Estevez is just 5ft 4½.

Whether you are looking for a bespoke wedding suit or office suit wear, high quality bespoke tailoring will give you the excellence you need to feel confident and walk tall.