54% of Suited Office Workers Are Uncomfortable in the Summer Heat

For most people, suits are the most expensive and lavish garments in their wardrobe. The aura of confidence achieved when slipping on a well-fitted, cleanly pressed slim fit can bolster a successful business mind-set, particularly in high-pressure sectors such as sales or stockbroking.

While some may sweat it over targets or transfers, most other professionals swelter in the searing summer heat according to a poll.

More than 50% of suited office workers say they are uncomfortable in the workplace, which, besides soaking through the back of your new, light blue herringbone, could lead to a lack of gumption and a drop in productivity.

The survey of 2,000 workers shows how dress codes affect offices in the scorching summer months, with one third of formally dressed workers admitting to taking longer lunch breaks in search of sun-soaked beer gardens and parks. An alarming 34% have had heated disputes regarding their office temperature - more than any other dress code. A shocking 64% ignore their watches for more than ten minutes longer than they should –13m 20s on average per day, an hour wasted a week or 8 hours over a summer, per member of staff.

So, how can you battle the heat, stay stylish and keep your productivity high? Fortunately, your bespoke tailor has the solution, with 3 excellent articles of on surviving the heat: