The Best Suit Colour for Grey Hair

As we start to grow older, our hair colour begins to grow lighter, and suddenly finding the right coloured suit can start to seem like a bit of a problem. The colours of your bespoke tailoring that once worked well for you in the past suddenly start to look a little off - after all, no-one wants to end up resembling a pint of Guinness in their striking black suit, do they?

Sometimes the best way to decide on colour is to take a quick look at the contrast between the colour of our skin and the colour of our hair, in order to find the right tone for a perfect suit. More often than not, stark dark colours become a no-no for older men, and they find themselves being complemented by lighter, more neutral tones.

The best advice we can give to a gent whose hair has grown considerably lighter with age, is to lean more towards softer colours. So, instead of opting for your usual black suit, pick a tone with more blue in it. Instead of black or dark charcoal, choose a medium grey, which is just as formal, especially when paired with a light-coloured shirt and conservative tie.

Softer colours allow you to still meet all the social requirements you need, without going for colours that make you look pale and older than you necessarily have to. These previous stark colours do a good job of appearing to draw the life out of you.

One of the best colours you can opt for with grey hair, is a true blue. Blues can look great, especially with a splash of warm colour in your shirt. Think of going for warmer colours such as pink or red - colours you wouldn't necessarily have chosen when you were a younger man. Light coloured, patterned shirts that contain these colours means you still won't be too full on, but still indulge in your colourful and playful side.

As a rule of thumb, blues and deep blues will suit men with grey hair the most. Alternatively, a medium to light grey suit can look just as complementary, and can be great for office suit wear - but whatever you do, stay away from dark colours such as black, navy or charcoal.