Why Bespoke Tailoring Is Cool This Summer

We're in the midst of summer, and with that comes many outdoor events, from garden parties to races. Many of you out there may be looking for a new suit to don at all those big summer events. With a plethora of made to measure options some may wonder if there is still a place for bespoke tailors.

Fit is hugely important for both style and function - there's nothing worse than spending a hot day in the sun in a suffocating suit! Today we will cover 3 basic differences between good quality, bespoke tailoring compared to made to measure that will affect the fit and look of your summer attire.

1. Made to measure suits are fitted around a standardised pattern, whereas bespoke tailoring creates a new pattern every time. This means the pattern is made with you in mind, and the fit is more exact. Your tailor will have ideas for you about fit and style but as a guide, if older it is best to stick to classic cuts, whereas younger men can get away with shorter, less traditional styles

2. Bespoke tailoring provides more fabric choice. In summer months, getting the fabric right is so important to the look and function of your suit. Choosing light, breathable yet appropriate fabrics can be a challenge, but something in which premium tailors have a lot of experience. Fresco, Panama and Seersucker are excellent fabric choices for hot weather. A wider range of colours are also available from bespoke tailors - for summer it's recommended to go for lighter shades such as muted blues.

3. More meetings and more intimate meetings. Bespoke tailors will often measure you several times and provide you with one-on-one meetings, where as made-to-measure services usually only involve one measuring session with a sales associate. Any premium tailoring service will provide these one-on-one meetings.

Armed with this new knowledge, we wish you all the best in finding the perfect summer attire. A well tailored summer suit will take you from garden party to boat race to wedding in style and comfort - enjoy the season!