How to Be as Elegant as Your Suit

So, you’ve invested in a tailored suit with the perfect shape, colour and materials. Gone are the days of ill-fitting, awkward suits and looking like you might be wearing something passed down from a relative or hired for the day. You begin to sense the appreciative glances of passers-by and feel the admiration of colleagues and clients. Somehow, though, you still don’t feel completely at ease and worry you might let down your new sophisticated look with an unsuspecting faux pas. Worry not: this post will give you vital information on avoiding the worst of them.

The most glaring way to ruin a stylish suit is with a poor choice of coat, bag or other accessory. A good coat is a worthwhile investment and you should try on possible purchases while wearing your suit. The colour, shape, length, material and style are all factors to consider and you may wish to use a bespoke tailoring service to match your suit and coat perfectly. Be sure to use a clothes brush regularly to keep your coat free from fluff.

You can’t go wrong with a classic briefcase, but a small and well-made suitcase on wheels can also work, as can various other bags such as a simple black bag with a shoulder strap and buckles. Always hang your coat and bag if possible rather than putting them over the back of a chair or, worse, on the floor.

Wear either all gold or all silver jewellery at one time and keep it fairly minimal: you don’t want to distract from the suit or appear too showy. If your suit and other clothes are conservative in style, consider some slightly unusual cufflinks to add a bit of personality.

Ensure your belt matches your shoes and both are sufficiently formal and well kept. In winter, choose leather or other sufficiently elegant gloves.

Finally, bear in mind that a good quality cologne is the perfect accompaniment to a great suit, and, once everything else is in place, a well-groomed appearance is the final touch to ensure you are as elegant as your tailored suit.