Six Styling Tips for Slim Fit Bespoke Suits

There is a buzz in the fashion world right now for bespoke suits. All over the world you’ll have seen men shunning distressed jeans and t-shirts for tailor made suits with a sharp slim silhouette. Having a narrower cut than traditional office wear, this alternative style gives a more flattering and youthful fit, perfect for making you look stylish and sharp.

However, a slim fit suit is difficult to get right. Try these 6 styling tips to get on trend.

  • Your jacket needs a narrow shoulder measurement. To keep it looking tidy the seams must be aligned to the broadest point of your shoulders. But you will need to breathe, so having space to slip your hand between the jacket and your chest is important.
  • When it comes to the trousers if they don’t sit on your hips and loosely hang then something’s wrong. Trousers that look like skinny jeans are a massive faux pas!
  • If you’re anything like me you probably spent a long time choosing the perfect shirt. Now we’re going to hide it under your jacket. You must show at least two centimetres of the shirt; any less and you’ll be swamped, looking like you’re wearing your dad’s jacket!
  • Go to a high quality bespoke tailor. They will give you a slim fit suit with the best cut possible and it will last a lifetime.
  • Don’t forget about what you wear with the outfit. Choose a tight fitting shirt that doesn’t gather around your shoulders. Skinny ties are a must because normal a normal tie just won’t properly match.
  • If you want a modern look then go for patterned or brightly coloured shirts. Waistcoats have also come back into fashion and will make your bespoke suit stand out from the crowd!

Remember, a tailor made suit is for more than just special occasions. So be a fashionista and wear your new slim fit suit for as many social occasions as you can. It’s good to turn heads when walking down the road!