How to Care for Your Bespoke Suit

If you’ve put time, money and energy into buying a good quality, well-made bespoke suit, you owe it to yourself and your wardrobe to care for it properly. 

Giving your suit a bit of TLC every once and while won’t just help it to look good, it will also keep it in good condition for longer, allowing you to enjoy your bespoke suit for years to come. 


A lot of the time, the main reason that suits look dishevelled and unloved is down to the way that they’re stored. 

Overcrowded wardrobes, poor quality hangers and restricted hanging space can all take their toll on a bespoke office suit, making it look old before its time. 

To solve this problem try to prioritise your wardrobe, ensuring that your best suits have the room to hang properly and that they’re placed on hangers that support their contours.

Daily care

Giving your suit a brush down with a good quality natural hair clothes brush after every use can do wonders for its appearance. 

If you’ve been in a smoky environment, it’s also a good idea to hang your suit up in a well-ventilated room for a few days to let any odours clear before you place it back in your wardrobe.

If your suit has become creased, try hanging it up in the bathroom when you have a shower. The steam will help the creases to fall out gently, avoiding the need for dry cleaning. 

The best way to keep suits in great condition is to let them rest by having several in rotation. Leave it hung in a dry wardrobe for a few days - ceases will be reduced.

Dry cleaning

Though dry cleaning in general is the best way to thoroughly clean a bespoke wedding suit or work suit, the chemicals and the process used can damage the high quality tailoring, so it should only be used sparingly and when absolutely necessary. 

If your suit has a few spots or stains, you should be able to have these removed without the need for the entire suit to be dry cleaned, with most professional cleaners able to remove a variety of stains quickly and effectively. 

If you do have your suit dry cleaned, make sure you remove it from the bag as soon as you get it home and swap out the free wire hanger for a good quality one as soon as possible.